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Scarecrow Rentals

The Scarecrows displayed below are all available to rent.

If you would like to rent a scarecrow please fill out a rental agreement form

(available to download below) and email it to
You will find the correlating name of the Scarecrow below the pictures.

Rental agreement form:

Please also fill out a Registration form to be included in the Scarecrow Location List!

Names of Scarecrows for rental form


  1. Audrey II
  2. Frankie
  3. The Penguin
  4. Things 1 and 2
  5. Cat Lady
  6. Mermaid
  7. Jesse from Toy Story
  8. Fiona
  9. Penguin
  10. Early Bird
  11. Pink-haired princess
  12. Harry Potter


13. Dora
14. Daisy
15. Lady chef
16. Katrina
17. Mummy
18. Miss Piggy
19. Scary Alice
20. Baby Groot
21. Godzilla
22. Barbie
23. Sonic

Big Bird

Alvarado Veterinary Hospital-

347 E Alvarado St, Fallbrook

Cat in the Hat

Clayton T. Cooke DDS

425 E. Alvarado St., Fallbrook

Can Man Stan

Fallbrook Cafe

739 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook


Grocery Outlet Fallbrook-

1071 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook

Josie and Jesse

Hope Clinic for Women

125 E. Hawthorne St., Fallbrook


Klicker's Hair Salon

426 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook


The Coal Bunker

232 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook

The Hag

The Coal Bunker

232 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook

aauw crow


405 S. Main Ave., Ste. A, Fallbrook


                                                     Shopping Center at

1205 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook

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