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Community Benefit Program

Residents ask FPUD to establish Community Benefit Program

Wondering what the Community Benefit District is?

Several community groups and nonprofit organizations approached FPUD and asked for help taking care of the physical environment of Fallbrook, including things like the hiking trails, downtown flower pots and trees, the plants along Mission Road, and implementing enhancements such as lighting, a skate park and improvements to sidewalks.

That was back in May 2018.

The issue they presented is that around 150 nonprofits, run mostly by volunteers, currently do this work. They organize fundraisers and apply for grants to get things done. But the pool of volunteers is both aging and shrinking, making it difficult to maintain these features.

They asked the board of directors to consider activating its latent power – a power it has the potential to use, but doesn’t – of parks and recreation. The end result would be the Community Benefit Program. If approved, FPUD would provide about $450,000 in property tax revenue, that it currently collects, to fund the program. That cost would be offset by collecting an equivalent of $5 a month per customer.

For further information or FPUD Board memos click HERE

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