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Community Benefit Program

Community Benefit Program

The application is now open!

What it is: This new program will provide additional funding to help develop community projects within the District’s service area. It includes potential funding for new projects and facilities, or for maintenance and community enhancements of parks and recreation, roads and streets, and street lighting.

How it will be implemented: A group of seven community volunteers will implement the program. This committee will include representatives from nonprofits, residents and business owners. This group will work with the community to identify potential projects, lead the selection process, and coordinate implementation of the projects selected.

How do I get involved: The District’s board of directors has initiated a process to select the seven members of the Community Benefit Program Committee. To be a member of the committee, the applicant must reside in FPUD’s service area or be a District ratepayer.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in helping improve the community, please complete and submit your application to:

Initial Appointments will be: 2-year and 3-year terms.

Application due date: November 11, 2022

CBP Application - Fillable.pdf

CBP Application Spanish - Fillable.pdf

Here's how it all got started

After several nonprofits approached our Board about five years ago to expand our powers, FPUD has been given approval by LAFCO, the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission to pursue providing a community benefit program that would include items such as operating parks & recreation services. LAFCO is the government watchdog agency tasked with overseeing Special Districts like FPUD.

There was a public hearing/protest hearing on June 14., 2022 LAFCO coordinated that hearing, held here at FPUD. This process allowed the public to weigh in on the proposed program. There was not sufficient public protest.

The approval is to expand Fallbrook Public Utility District’s activated functions to include (a) parks and recreation, (b) street lighting, and (c) roads and streets.

You can read more about the LAFCO process here: Current Notices | San Diego LAFCO (

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