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Note: Chamber of Commerce membership investment may be tax deductible as an ordinary business expense. Investments paid to the Chamber are not a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. The Chamber of Commerce is not a charity, but serves as an advocate organization for area business.

Grand Opening, Open House or Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your company to the community and to receive great exposure. Whether your event is simple or elaborate, remember this is your chance to shine! There are several steps you must take to ensure your event is a success. The Chamber will be there to photograph the event and add a photo to the Village News.

Before the Event:

  • Schedule with the Chamber at least thirty days in advance
  • Our recommended time is 5:00 – 7:00 pm, with the ribbon cutting promptly at 6:00, although the timing is always your choice
  • Try to avoid mid-morning and mid-afternoon time periods. Many people are unable to break away from their work in the middle of the day.
  • Plan your event for Wednesday through Friday.  We feel these days are best.
  • Invite customers, potential clients, business neighbors, colleagues, family and/or elected officials.
  • The Chamber invites our Ambassadors, Committee Members, Board Members, the Honorary Mayor and Miss Fallbrook.
  • The Chamber sends an Email blast to all members prior to the event.

Day of the Event:

  • Provide refreshments and/or entertainment
  • No matter what time of day, people will expect something to eat and drink. It is necessary for a successful event. People will remember if you choose not to offer refreshments.
  • Evening events usually include a buffet, as simple or elaborate as you choose
  • For morning events, coffee, juices, fruit and pastries would be ideal.
  • For lunchtime events, serve perhaps a sandwich or buffet meal such as a salad bar.
  • Check with the Chamber or look on the website for a list of members that do catering. It is always encouraged to use Chamber members for all services.

The Chamber will handle the presentation but plan to introduce yourself and any key people from your company. If your company is unique, a guided tour would be welcomed.

The Chamber will provide the ribbon, scissors and camera. Consider having some kind of door prize, drawing, or discount coupon as part of your special event.


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