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Unforgotten Faces

P.O. Box 1873
Fallbrook, CA 92088

Who We Are

Everything we do is fueled by the love of God, allowing us to reach a hungry and hurting world.

Our Mission

The focus of Unforgotten Faces is to seek God first so that all we do brings Him honor and glory. Set on a Christian foundation we live operating in the Gospel of Jesus Christ through lives devoted to Him. The fruit of our work is shown through education, health care, feeding programs, development, outreach, mission, and training.

In Ethiopia

UF provides for over 70 children: breakfast and lunch six days a week, school fees and all necessary educational materials, training and tutoring, and medical care. Equally important is the work we do with the children’s parents, training them in business and development skills, and helping them work towards self-sustainability.

Unforgotten Faces believes that all children deserve a healthy life and a bright future. Unforgotten Faces has seen that daily meals, medical care, a solid educational foundation and belonging to a loving family, help lead children toward this goal. We aim to meet all of our children’s needs while striving to show them Jesus’ love. UF trusts that in all that we do, the children have the chance to grow up with the opportunity to follow the vision God has put in their hearts, leading them to be positive influences within their country and wherever God may lead them.


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