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Class Descriptions

Unheated Classes

Yoga 1

Level 1 Hatha Yoga. Focus on proper foundation, body alignment and breath. A thoughtful class to build strength, balance and flexibility. Great for beginner to intermediate students.

Yoga 2

Level 2 Vinyasa Yoga. Focus on proper foundation, alignment and breathe with added fluid movement and balance. Great for students that want to be challenged and advance in their practice.

Gentle Yoga

Designed for those newer to yoga, struggling with injury or chronic condition, hasn’t moved much lately. Move more slowly, explores poses, breaks down sequences to strengthen while, learning to breathe more effectively, calm the mind and expand self-awareness. 

Aligned Yoga

Level 1-2. This yoga practice is suitable for the student with a bit of experience, a desire to learn, and an appreciation for our potential.

Restorative Yoga

A practice of letting go, relaxing and calming the mind and body through a variety of supportive poses with props, such as blocks, bolsters and straps. Poses are held for a few minutes to allow the body and mind to completely relax and restore, which can bring a sense of peace and balance into your life. Accessible to anyone regardless of flexibility, fitness level or age.

Yin Yoga

Seated deep tissue stretches with sustained posture holds. Opens typical tight areas (hips, hamstrings, low back) A great complement to your regular yoga practice.

Meditation Monday

The class will include some gentle yoga movement, pranayama (breathing), a new teaching topic each week and a guided meditation. The types of meditation will vary from week to week in order to give you an experience in the variety of meditation types such use of mantras, chakra focus, breath and visualization.
Everyone is welcome from never-meditated before to experienced meditators. We will start where you are.
* This class is not religious and is intended to compliment any spiritual or religious practice you already have.


Classes with transformative energy to create greater wellness, joy and grounding in your everyday life. 


Reduces joint pain and muscle tension with self-treatment techniques to rehydrate connective tissues and rebalance nervous system with specialized balls and soft foam rollers.


Svaroopa yoga classes relieve muscular tension and bring rejuvenation to all systems of the body through postures, yogic breathing and deep relaxation. All levels.

Heated Classes

Heated Yoga

90-95 degrees. A gentler version of Hot Yoga (see description below). Perfect for those who want to try the heated classes, but would like to ease into it.

Sculpt Yoga w/ weights

90-95 Degrees. A blend of power yoga and handheld weights to create lean, toned muscles. A challenging class that will make you sweat and push your limits, yet is still grounded in yoga.

Heated Fusion

90-95 Degrees with humidity. Get a good sweat with a blend of hot yoga, power yoga and vinyasa flow. Alternate between static holds and steady movement, ending with deep stretches.

Hot Yoga

Up to 100 degrees with humidity. An established series of postures designed to build strength and balance, as well as create flexibility and focus. Accessible to all levels of students.

Special Classes (Separate Pricing)

Kids Yoga

Ages 4 to 8. A mix of yoga, games and crafts in a fun environment.


Ages 9 to 15. A mix of movement, breathing and occasional art. Focus on flexibility, balance and coordination with attention to communication, self-esteem in a non-judging atmosphere.

Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga. By appointment only

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes are available from most instructors, which may include basic yoga instruction, advanced postures, meditation, yoga therapy (injuries), vinyasa flow or aerial Trapeze.

Connected Warriors

Free for veterans, service members and their families. Level 1 class designed to build strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Sleep longer and more deeply, improve immune function and manage symptoms of PTS.


$45 1-Month Unlimited (new students only)                         Drop-In: $14; ($12 Military & Senior)                 
$90 Monthly Unlimited (Auto Pay; 6-month contract)           $100 Monthly Unlimited (No contract)               $7 Kids Class ($30 5-Class Pack)                                       $9 $12 Teen/Tween Class ($100 10-Class Pack)               $120 10-Class Pack (Expires in 6 months)


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