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Rancho Physical Therapy


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Welcome to Rancho Physical Therapy, the Inland Empire's Leader in Physical Rehabilitation.

    Rancho Physical Therapy is committed to providing comprehensive physical, occupational and hand therapy  services. Rancho Physical Therapy is also experienced in implementing effective injury prevention programs to reduce the rate of work-related injuries.



Established in 1984, Rancho Physical Therapy, Inc. is 100% therapist owned and operated. With twenty locations, Rancho Physical Therapy is uniquely positioned to provide physical, occupational and industrial rehabilitation services to Riverside and North San Diego Counties.

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Rancho Physical Therapy is a Medicare certified group comprised of physical and occupational therapists, board certified hand therapists, board certified cardiopulmonary specialists, speech therapists, certified athletic trainers and a full array of support staff.

Rancho Physical Therapy's services include all of the traditional orthopedic, sports, and industrial outpatient therapies, as well as specialized programs to address the needs of the community. Rancho Physical Therapy places a strong emphasis on home exercise programs and patient education for better long-term results. All therapies provided are coordinated with the physician, patient work place and insurance representative to maximize treatment outcomes.

Rancho Physical Therapy's commitment to the highest standards, both in patient care and business relationships has allowed us to succeed. Our goal is to continue to build upon these values and remain the premier provider of rehabilitation in the communities we serve.

For additional information or to tour any of our facilities, please feel free to call (951) 696-9353 x132 or email us at

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