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San Diego, CA 92123

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We teach people how money works, because we believe a solid financial knowledge foundation is the key to making healthy money choices. We pioneered the "Buy Term and Invest the Difference" philosophy - a crusade which revolutionized the life insurance industry and the investment business. And from the beginning, we have only offered term life insurance as part of our commitment to only market products that are right for the consumer, a philosophy we still apply to our solutions today.

Primerica is a Main Street Company for Main Street North America

Our goal is to create more financially independent families.

Today's families face major financial challenges. They're being forced to downsize their goals and dreams — to settle for less. Primerica shows them how they can change their life. We are the one company focused on the middle market and helping Main Street families get the financial help they need.

We help Main Street families get the protection they need at a price they can afford, invest for the future and get out of debt. We teach families fundamental financial principles that aren't taught in school and we give them an opportunity to build a business and transform their life.

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