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Lilac Hills Ranch - lhrlogo_flbkcmbrA sustainable community in North San Diego County that promotes healthy living by connecting residents with the natural environment. 

A neighborhood grounded in traditional small-town values embracing 21st Century design and sustainability. Lilac Hills Ranch is conveniently located to intersect with major transportation corridors and other existing infrastructure. It will showcase new design and technology, making it the perfect place to grow smart and live green.


Lilac Hills Ranch - sdfhaj_logoThe Lilac Hills Ranch Initiative 

The Lilac Hills Ranch Initiative is being pursued to increase the probability that Lilac Hills Ranch can actually be completed and contribute to solving the region’s housing crisis in the near term. As shown in the recent Newhall case, Green House Gas (GHG) challenges took over 5 years to work their way through the State’s legal system, resulting in a new requirement to revise the GHG analysis. It is clear that organizations opposed to new housing projects have focused on these new areas of law surrounding this evolving issue to stop or severely delay new housing developments, regardless of their contributions to GHG reductions.

We are happy to announce that the Title and Summary for the Lilac Hills Ranch Initiative was approved by the County of San Diego, giving us the green light to begin collecting the required signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot. Once the signatures are collected, they can be turned into the County for verification, which would give the County Board of Supervisors the option of approving the initiative or placing Lilac Hills Ranch on the November 2016 Ballot.

If you would like to sign the Lilac Hills Ranch Initiative click here. If you want to get involved or are looking for more information, such as Frequently Asked Questions, the full text of the initiative, and important news articles and reports on the housing crisis, please visit our website:



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