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Da South In Ya Mouth

(619) 738-2918
3137 S. Mission Road, Unit B
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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Who are We

Hello my name is Andra Riles, I was born in rural Georgia where we didn’t have nice ovens and pots, no timers just smell, site and taste. My Grandma was the church’s main cook and she always took me around with her. When I’m cooking, grilling and frying it’s my sanctuary, I feel so comfortable and proud.

To me Southern Soul Food is my passion, it’s nothing you can find a recipe for. It’s embedded deep in your soul.

Da South In Ya Mouth is more than just another Food Truck business, it is a culture of Southern Food done the Southern way, by Southern People. My Goal is to give you a taste of Southern Food so you will feel the Soul of proud Southern Folks who care more about pleasing you than themselves.