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D'Vine Path


(949) 233-6515

353 Morro Hills Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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A comprehensive program for adults with autism, developmental delays
and/or learning disabilities providing vocational and life skills
in agriculture, hospitality & arts.
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Agriculture & Hospitality

The Agriculture & Hospitality vocational year long program offers specialized viticulture, agriculture and hospitality training. Given the number of wineries, vineyards and hotels located in the Fallbrook area and neighboring North County San Diego and Riverside counties, the program will provide students with relevant life skills in viticulture, agriculture, and hospitality/customer service from  professional guest speakers who are experts in the field and Sensitivity Trained staff.

Life Skills

D'Vine Path offers a life skills program for high functioning adults on the spectrum, Asperger's Syndrome and other mild learning disabilities who have aged out of the high school (age 18 and over). The students attend our year long program training in life skills, self advocacy and empowerment through agriculture including viticulture, hospitality and the arts.  Through weekly expert guest speakers and off-site field trips to other farms, the students learn proper life skills to help overcome barriers to promote a healthy and more balanced lifestyle.


Mentoring relationships may take different forms:
Peer Mentoring: A person close in age to his or her mentee may act as a sounding board for ideas and plans and provide guidance in an informal manner. We offer instructors in the same age group as our students creating a natural mentor/peer group.
Disability Mentoring: A person with a disability mentors another person, usually with a similar disability. The mentor serves as a role model and provides information and guidance specific to the mentee's experience. In our classes, there are always a few of our students who naturally gravitate to those students who need more friendship and moral support.
Group Mentoring: A mentor may work with a group of mentees.  We have instructors in the same age group as our students who offer group mentoring.



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