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Why are Essential Oils Important?

  • They Heal the Body at a Molecular Level.
  • They are Able to Communicate with Your Body’s Cells.
  • They can be Used for Many Emotional and Physical Wellness Applications.
  • They are Much Cheaper per Dose then Prescription Chemical Medication.
  • They are Used Only in Areas Where the Body Needs.
  • They are All Natural, No Harmful Chemicals.

Cory's SEOMs are special mixes of Essential Oils that Cory has created to help himself and other's with pain and other health situations. These mixes have been tested on himself and other close friends so he can watch first hand how they work and monitor if there are any side effects. As with all Essential Oils, care must be taken as some essential oils can cause a rash if one is allergic to any of the oils.

Please note: Cory is not a doctor, nor does he offer any medical advise. None of us here at Cory's Special Essential Oil Mixes make any guaranteed claims that these oil mixes will heal you. Be sure to check with your physician if you have any concerns about using Essential Oils. We do hope however that each person will learn how the benefits of Essential Oils can help replace chemical medicines and provide a condition so their body can be healed through natural means.