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Checkmat Fallbrook Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


(760) 593-4682

205 N. Main Avenue
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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We are an elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training center located in Fallbrook, providing world class instruction to students of all ages, skill, and ability levels. Whether you are looking to become a top level competitor, learn self-defense, or just get in shape while having fun, the instructors at Checkmat Fallbrook will guide you on your individual journey to achieve your goals through the art of BJJ.

The CheckMat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization was founded in 2008 by the Vieira brothers, Leo and Ricardo, after a break with BJJ powerhouse team Alliance in 2002 and then subsequently with team Brasa. Although still in its infancy when compared to some of the legacy teams, CheckMat has established itself as a dominant force on the competition scene earning prestigious team titles including IBJJF European Championships and NoGi World Championships, as well as producing many top ranked, world renowned fighters. The CheckMat organization has spread quickly throughout the globe, having established affiliates in 16 different countries.

The name “CheckMat” pays homage to the game of chess, which the founders noted shares many similarities with the art of BJJ, including an essential hierarchical order from the pawn to the king (white belt to black belt) and its strategic nature requiring forethought and the ability to implement a series of moves dynamically based on an opponent’s reactions.

Jessica is a Checkmat Black Belt under head instructor Ricardo “Pantcho” Feliciano. She has been training and competing in BJJ since 2008, and has earned titles through the belt ranks including the IBJJF World Championships and Pan American Championships. As Jessica continues towards her goal of winning the World Championships as a black belt, she enjoys perfecting her craft and giving back to the sport by instructing others and spreading the art. Jessica also competes professionally in mixed martial arts, and as an amateur powerlifter.

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