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Smart Business Communication

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. ~ Tom Fishburne

Who are you reaching, how are you reaching them, and what do they think about you, your offerings, and your industry?  If you can’t answer this question, it is time to change the way you communicate about your business. 

We are the Big Brain People, also known as the Get Smart Web Geeks and we love helping businesses reach people. Stop marketing so you can join the conversation revolution. Marketing should engage not intrude. When you develop a strategic business communication strategy and combine it with the right technology you will turn marketing stress into sales success. Knowledge paired with innovative tools and resources will allow you to create, manage, and track your efforts so you and your team can cultivate and execute robust customer-focused, relationship-driven communication strategies.

It’s time to get smart about marketing. The most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of B2C businesses is social media; the next most used tactics are illustrations and photos (87%), eNewsletters (83%), videos (82%) and website articles (81%).    

With the staggering popularity of web interactions between customers and brands, it is surprising to learn that less than 40% of all marketers are effective at content marketing and that number would likely double if that same group was asked about their focus on conversation marketing.    

We assist our clients with: 

Consulting & Training

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ~ Benjamin Franklin

From our inception in 2008, we wanted to make it easy for individuals and businesses to access up-to-date, comprehensive business and marketing information to bring their businesses to a broader, more targeted audience.

To do this, we teach workshops and webinars; we facilitate one-on-one consulting, and company group training. Bridget also speaks for organizations, groups, and events.


Website Design

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Websites and blogs can be pretty powerful business assets when they express the culture of the company, meet the needs and expectations of the visitors, and are built for search engine visibility.

Great Websites clearly represent the brand of the organization, express the culture and personality of the individuals within that organization, while enticing the visitor to learn, connect, and buy.


Digital Marketing

This is an economy based on connection. Can you be heard, can you connect, can you be trusted? ~ Seth Godin

At Big Brain, we believe in comprehensive full circle marketing. What we do online should coincide with what is done in print, person, and at events.

We analyze, create, and manage our client’s digital assets, these include their websites, blog content, social media communities, email campaigns, and digital marketing strategies.

Brand development

Technology integration

Online networking, marketing, and promotion

Website and blog development

Web traffic analysis & search engine promotion

Social and business profiles

Email marketing

Content distribution & optimization


What Some of Our Customers Say:

Bridget Ayers with Get Smart Web Consulting has been an asset for our company. With a limited budget, we have seen measurable results in our website numbers as well as social media. Bridget is not only conscientious about providing results she offers a rare combination of creativity, strategic thinking and technical savvy.

Leslee Gaul

CEO and President at Visit Oceanside


Took a series of social media workshops with Bridget from GSW through the Vista Chamber of Commerce. Enjoyed every aspect of the workshops. Bridget has a way that makes learning and wanting to learn more fun with successful results. Workshops were professional and well put together. I'm able to confidently and successfully implement what I've learned every day at work. Look forward to continuing taking workshops. Thank you, Bridget.

Sherri PFlibsen

Branding Consultant at Jack Nadel International


Bridget spoke at my sold-out event with 250 marketers and small business leaders and by far had the best feedback from the audience. She is personal, funny, and can speak on many topics with her breadth and depth of knowledge. I reached out to Bridget to be a speaker for our event because of work she had done for me in the past and I knew and trusted she would be the perfect fit. I would be honored to have her speak at an upcoming event of mine and look up to her as a professional mentor.

Hansen Hunt

President & CoFounder at SD Inbound, Inc.


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