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Lauren Panek - 760.468.4721
Stefanie Donnelly - 760.683.4079
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First off, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are are Lauren Panek and Stefanie Donnelly with Pier West Properties. Here is a little bit about us.
Fallbrook has been our hometown since we were in Elementary school. We quickly became best friends the day we met and never stopped growing closer. This is what encouraged our journey into real estate as a team. As agents, and Military Relocation Professionals (MRP), we have a strong passion for the community. Our goals and dreams are established with intent to bring positive additions to the culture of this beautiful place we call home. One of the things we love most is that everyone has a different story. Learning about where people come from and what brought them to where they are today is what fuels our passion. To us, it is so much deeper than just buying and selling homes. Each house has its own story too. Every experience is different and there is just something beautiful about it that is truly humbling.
When it comes to business, we have found that integrity, values, hard work and honesty is what brings results. Our promise to you is that we will be committed to building an effective, result producing relationship with you and your family. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations. We have grown to love and cherish this small town lifestyle. The town has so much to offer the way the community gives back allowing small businesses to flourish. We are God loving Americans who respect the men and women who serve. Our whole lives, we have wanted to give back to those who defend our rights and our freedom. Real estate has given us the opportunity to do so. This career allows us to help veterans buy homes! We understand relocating is not always at the top of your list, but we will strive to make this experience enjoyable and informative. In our efforts to say thank you, we give back $2,000 during the transaction to ALL of our military families both active and retired. We also extend this to all men and women active and retired in police department, fire department and border patrol agents.
Let's grab a coffee to discuss your goals for this year!

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