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Job Postings - Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce - Foundation_for_Senior_Care

Door-Through-Door Coordinator

Care Advocate

Job Objective: The primary objective for the Care Advocacy and Door-Through-Door programs is to ensure that seniors and the disabled are provided access to local and national resources so that they may better manage their health issues, maximize their independence and enjoy an enriched quality of life. The Care Advocate often serves as the clients’ campaigner when utilizing health benefits, researching resources both locally and nationally, works with the client on applications (paper and electronic), maneuver through automated systems, connect with reputable direct care providers (home health, private caregivers) and align the client with local support options to meet unmet needs.

Upon notice from an area hospital, skilled nursing facility or other residential care setting, the Door-Through-Door (DTD) Coordinator contacts the family or patient representative and begins educating them about what services are being ordered for their loved one (home health, occupational therapy, new medications) by the discharging care setting. The DTD Coordinator will conduct a home check prior to the patient coming home so that preventative or supportive measures are in place and will arrange to have in-home support services arranged and waiting the patient’s arrival. If transportation is not available (the patient requires a wheelchair or other nonemergency transport) our DTD Project Coordinator will use an agency vehicle to assist in getting the patient home.


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Posted July 18, 2017

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Posted 8-2017

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